About Symmetric Lab

Symmetric Lab is a new development from Symmetric, and, from 2018, will become the means by which we provide all of our modelling and simulation services, including:

  • using models to support those who plan, run, commission, or use human services
    (with roots in the health and social care sector, but covering public services generally)
  • group model building (often the preferred approach)
  • training people in how to build simulation models using mostly Stella Architect software
    • introductory courses
    • coaching and mentoring
    • more advanced functions
  • running workshops about insights gained from systems thinking and system dynamics simulation
  • raising awareness
  • publishing models to be explored and discussed

Who We Are

Douglas McKelvie has a background in social services, education and workforce development. Since 2002, he has worked full-time in modelling and simulation, mostly in the health and social care sector in the UK and beyond.

Donald Scott worked for many years at a senior level in local authority children's social work. He is interested in using systems approaches to help people grapple with complexity.