Welcome to the Symmetric Lab.

We use modelling and simulation, mostly in health and social care, workforce planning, and public services generally, to Test Big Ideas in a Safe Place

Forthcoming Course: First Steps in Simulation Modelling Using Stella Architect Software 

Douglas McKelvie & Donald Scott The Symmetric Lab

Testing Big Ideas in a Safe Place

A hands-on half-day workshop where you get the opportunity to experiment with some models, to try out ideas that it would be impossible to test in the real world, in real time.

In so doing, you will gain some new insights into whole systems and systems thinking.

This is not a course in learning how to build models (though we do that as well), and no specialist knowledge is required.

Find out how simulation can support service design & workforce planning.

We piloted this workshop during Fire Starter, a festival of ideas sponsored by Scottish Government.

Content includes 'capacity and flow' and workforce planning.

First Steps in Modelling and Simulation

Using Stella Architect Software

Edinburgh, new dates to be announced soon

A two-day hands-on course that will get you started building models and user interfaces.

Central Edinburgh location in the heart of the Old Town.


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4 weeks ago
. @SyneDrum you might also be interested to read this (on system dynamics in health and social care)? https://t.co/YRTxx2Fw5o https://t.co/PFpZtLXkyf
4 weeks ago
#dsdl18 good question to @phovmand about why a stock rises even as its inflow is falling. That’s the essence of #systemdynamics https://t.co/URjATn1gWF DouglasMcKelvie photo
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